The innovative software solution EVA enables fast, simple and reliable analyses for health insurance companies. With EVA, insured individuals’ data can be analyzed independently and in the shortest possible time, without the need for specialized IT knowledge.

Analyze efficiently & make informed decisions with EVA.


Data use and data benefits

Statutory health and long-term nursing care insurers manage a large amount of data on insured individuals. These data are instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare provision in Germany. With their help, it is possible to determine, for example, how effective therapies are in practice. This enables conclusions to be drawn regarding whether insured individuals are receiving the best possible treatment and whether these treatments are cost-efficient. The rapid, targeted and reliable analysis of existing data gives statutory health and long-term nursing care insurers a deep insight into patient care and  the provision of health services, enhancing the ability to plan costs and allocate resources in a more targeted manner. This foresight provides a tangible competitive advantage. EVA is a flexible and innovative software solution designed for the quick and straightforward independent analysis of data. This capability ensures that qualified decisions can be made about patient care.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • quick and simple analysis of existing data
  • additional data domains can be integrated on an individual health insurer basis
  • guaranteed absolute data sovereignty
  • short training period and user-friendly interface
  • efficient use of data


Editor with concept trees for quickly implementable queries

EVA enables the creation of ad-hoc analyses with great informative value. Its standout feature is its simple and intuitive user interface. Users can craft complex data queries featuring a wide array of variants via the simple drag-and-drop functionality, making use of EVA‘s concept trees that encompass all relevant areas of healthcare provision. In addition, combinations of selected criteria from different categories can be generated. For instance, it is possible to link outpatient and inpatient diagnoses, medication prescriptions, membership in hierarchical morbidity groups, or sociodemographic characteristics such as age and gender. Temporal relationships between the various criteria can also be established.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • rapid, straightforward queries via drag-and-drop system
  • user-friendly and logically structured interface
  • custom-designed queries can be used as templates and shared with other users
  • capability to compare different insured populations
  • personalized further development of the query options through InGef


Efficient analyses for informed decisions

EVA can be used to conduct a range of standardized analyses. This includes the option of performing comparative analyses through propensity score matching, which enables patient groups to be compared based on various cost-effectiveness and health outcome measures. The existing preset analysis modules can also be customized to fit individual needs. Furthermore, EVA allows users to compare the results of their own performance data analysis with anonymized data from a research database that is representative of the entire German population in order to derive valuable insights. The queried statistics can then be viewed directly or exported to a CSV file for further examination.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • high query and analysis speed
  • cloud-based functionality
  • no additional software required, the use of a standard browser is sufficient
  • EVA is a web-based application
  • specialized IT knowledge not required

Examples of use cases may include, among others: illustrating regional variations in the care of one’s own insured individuals, identifying cost drivers and potential savings opportunities, assessing the effectiveness of new forms of care, optimizing contract design, presenting the development of risk structure, and comparing patient groups and their risks


Print-ready reports for analysis visualization

EVA enables complex and meaningful queries that are completed within minutes and deliver concrete results. For further processing, a simple export to CSV files is available. The visualization of results can take the form of maps, scatterplots and various other graphical formats, enabling the prompt identification and clear illustration of trends and development.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • numerous reporting and visualization options
  • ability to incorporate individual interpretation options
  • professional and informative presentation


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