InGef – Institute for Applied Health Research Berlin GmbH, based in Berlin, supports the further development of health care in Germany with practice-oriented research.

As a scientific institute, InGef investigates medical care in Germany. In the maxim “Explore. Recognize. Optimize.” reflects our claim to research current challenges of the health care system through our work, to identify correlations in a timely manner and to provide practical impulses for the future care of the population in Germany.

In doing so, our goal goes beyond the descriptive analysis of the current situation. Rather, the conception and evaluation of new care structures, care processes and innovations in the German health care system as well as the derivation of necessary adjustments are the subject of our work.

As a subsidiary of spectrumK GmbH, a leading specialist in the SHI service landscape, and as a partner of universities and various service providers, InGef is directly integrated into the German health care landscape. This makes it possible to continuously incorporate our research results into care delivery. We publish our results in regular publications and at national and international congresses. In addition, we create the basis for a direct transfer of knowledge from research to practice in workshops with our project partners.

Currently, InGef is actively involved as a consortium leader in the implementation of the innovation fund project REVASK, as a consortium partner of the innovation fund project sekTOR-HF, as a collaborative partner of the research project KI-FDZ funded by the Federal Ministry of Health, as well as in the project egePan-Unimed. The international AIR_PTE project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection was successfully completed in 2022. More information on the funded projects can be found here.

In addition to our activities in the field of health services research and cost effectiveness analyses, InGef develops the software EVA for health insurance companies for the efficient analysis of routine data.

With this flexible and innovative software solution, users can quickly and easily analyze their routine data and thus make qualified decisions about the adequate care of their insured.